Saturday, May 31, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

Wow, what a Memorial day weekend!
Saturday Russ and I worked in the yard. Sunday after Church we went to our friends, The Howard's, for lunch. We cooked out BBQ chicken...YUMMY!! Great Job on the chicken Gary. After dinner, Russ and Andrew played the Wii. lol Elizabeth and I went to the movies and left the fellas home playing games. We went to see Baby Mama. It was funny, but not as funny as we thought it was going to be. Thanks for a fun time Howard Family!
Russ is playing baseball on the Wii.

Andrew is playing golf on the Wii.

Monday, Memorial Day

Russ has been wanting to ride his road bike down the Natchez trace to my parents house for the longest time. Well, He did it Memorial day. 49.93 miles!! We started out North of Collinwood, TN and road all the way to Cherokee, AL. I drove along in the truck. It took us about 3 hours. Russ took about 3 or 4 breaks. I am so proud of him for going through with this!! He did great!

State line on the Trace.

This is where i grew up. Here is the Tennessee River! This is Colbert Park. I have so many wonderful memories with so many different family members on this part of the river. My High School Senior Picnic was even held here. I wish it hadn't been so hazy this day. When the sun hits this river...Oh, Beautiful is all I can say!

After our long trip we made it to my brothers house. We changed as soon as we got there and hit the swimming pool. Sorry, no swimming pool photo's. Maybe next time. We had a family BBQ. My brother grilled out hamburgers and hot dogs. My mom made potato salad and baked beans. My Sister made home made ice cream and I made a salad! lol

This is my Beautiful Niece Haley Jo. Oh my gosh...She will be 16 this year! She already has a car and is driving. Where have the years gone?? She use to stand n a chair next to me and bake cookies or cooked with me. Now she doesn't even want to do anything but hang out with her friends!! Oh well...TEENS!! What are we going to do with them?? lol

I hope you all had a Great Memorial Day Weekend!

Love, Lisa & Russ

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Anniversary Baby Sister!!

Happy Anniversary

Jim & Stacy Berryman

16 Years and still going strong.

Happy Anniversary you two.

We Love you very much!

Love, Lisa & Russ

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another Mother's Day...

Mother's Day (A week Later)
in Ozark, Arkansas.
Well, this past weekend, Russ and I went to Ozark to spend some time with his Mom and Dad. We haven't been to their house in a while, so we thought we would go give Mom a late Mother's day surprise. We got to Ozark about 2 pm on Friday. Mom was out shopping and getting movies when we got there. She said she didn't know we were coming, But I think she did!! Anyway, She got home, we grilled out, spent some time chit chatting, then off to bed. We had a long day the next day...We had to take Mom to the Air Bu first we had to stop off at Cracker Barrel for some much needed BREAKFAST! Yummm I love Cracker Barrel's Breakfast!

Dad & Mom Wulfekuhl
Or Richard & Patricia to you!

Like my new hat? GO NAVY!!

There were a lot of neat things to see and do at the Air show. This is one of the many air crafts that gave a great show.

The THUNDERBIRDS were there! Oh man, they can put on a show!

Well, after the Air show we took the back roads home. Mom had to get back home for a Red Hat's diner. This was one of their Gift exchange dinners, so she really wanted to go. We weren't going anywhere, so go have fun Mom! I don't know about Russell and his parents, But I was worn out after spending the whole day in the sun. I went to bed early!

The next morning, Mom made waffle's and eggs for breakfast, Russ and I got all our things together for the long drive back home. Hopefully next time we will get to stay a little longer. But even if it was a fast trip out of town. I had fun. I know Russ did to. After all, Fun is all that matters, right!?

One last thing.....

Please keep everyone in China in your Prayers!!

Our little girl is somewhere there in China, and I hope nothing but good things happen for her Birth Mother, whom ever she might be. We hope and pray that all the little adoptive children get to come home safe and sound to all the Mommy's and Daddy's who are here in America, just waiting for that chance to go to China and bring them home.

Love, Lisa & Russell

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!!
Ahhhhh... Let's hope this will be THE LAST Mother's Day
I have without my sweet baby girl from CHINA!
I so wish We could have Alison home already.
I am so happy for all my friends
who have their children home
from China already. I get to be
AUNTIE to so many beautiful Children.

Today was a great day because I got to spend it with my Mom!
My sister couldn't be with us today.
She was in D.C. with her son on a school trip.
We didn't think we were ever going to eat lunch today.
We went to Cracker Barrel in Florence and they marked us
off the waiting list without calling our names.
So, after getting a little mad with them,
they sat us right away!

My Sister In Law's Mom got to join us today. This was our first Mother's day with Toni's Mom. It was nice getting to share Mother's Day with her.

After lunch we drove to Tuscumbia to see my Aunts. This was the First time we have all got to be together in about 2 years. I so miss holidays at My Aunt Kathy's house. Growing up, we spent EVERY holiday, no matter what holiday it was, at Kat's house. Above is My Aunt Regina, Aunt Kathy, My Mom Mary Jo, Me, and My Aunt Julia. I also got to see 15 of my many cousins.

Here is Durinda, her hubby Lenard and her son Gavin. Gavin is our youngest little family member. He is such a sweet loving little man. He was just full of smiles. I can't wait to have Alison home to share in these family get together's.

Well, We hope all you Mom's out there, and Mom's to be, in blogger land had a Wonderful Mother's Day! And We hope you all have Many More!

Love Lisa & Russell

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Dinner with Work Friends

Last night me and some girls from work went out to celebrate our
Assistant Branch Managers last day of work.
Sawsan (in green) will sure be missed at work.

The restaurant brought Sawsan a great big ole piece of Lemon cake.

All the girls shared it. They all said it was wonderful.

This is Tiffany blowing a kiss to the camera.

She is a nut! lol I just love Tiffany!

lol love the gift wrapping???

Brandi Ran out of paper, so her husband made it gift look funny!

This is Sawsan saying her favorite saying...


We got her this Green Purse that she has been looking for EVERYWHERE!!

Brandi had a very hard time finding one.

It was priceless!

This was our waiter, James.

He was SO MUCH FUN!!

One of Sawsan's favorite songs is "We are Family"

He sang it with us to

So, Sawsan, if you get to read this...

We miss you at work. Have fun with your Children.

(We'll see you back at work after Summer Break!!)

ha ha