Friday, May 19, 2006

LID confirmation

Yesterday we finally got confimation of our login Date (LID) with the CCAA (China Center for Adoption Afairs). We knew that it would take atleast a week or two but we got a call from our adoption agency yesterday (May 18, 2006) and they told us that they got confirmation that were were logged in on April 29, 2006. That is only 5 days after we shipped our dossier to China. It was also a Saturday. If the CCAA is working weekends, that can only mean that our wait will be as short as possible.

Since our agency is telling us that the current wait is approximately 10-12 months and we are already 1 month down, than we consider ourselves pregnant now. Have a look at our sonagram below.

Thanks for the picture Sherri.

All we can do now is wait it out for our referral. That is when the CCAA matches us up with a waiting child and sends us pictures and a medical record of the child along with any other important information they may have on the child. At that point if we except the child (VERY little chance of that not happening) then it will be about 6-8 weeks before we travel to China to finalize the adoption and bring home our special gift.
Alison's room is mostly complete. Lisa wants a closet organizer in there and I still need to put up some shelves on the walls. I have plenty of time to complete those two tasks. All we can do now is past the time the hard part is over.