Friday, July 16, 2010

A Free Pass and Vitals

It is not often a husband gets a free pass on his wife's birthday.
Yesterday I got a free pass. There was nothing I could do that could ruin Lisa's birthday.
I don't think I will ever get another pass like that. I wish I could have caught the moment that Lisa saw her daughters picture for the first time on video. I was driving at the time and missed the moment. I will have to be satisfied with a mental picture. One that I will never forget.
So, by now you have all seen the pictures, wish I had more to share but as I don't, here are the details for Alison:

She is currently residing at the Poyang SWI in Jiangxi province on the banks of Poyang lake.
Birthday 11/13/2009
As of 4/13/2010 (5 months)
Height 60 cm (23.6 inches)
Weight 5.8 kg (15.5 lbs)
Her physical examination record is very clean showing normal or none for all conditions.
She is a sound sleeper. I am very happy for that!
She is very aware and attentive of her surroundings.
She is on a daily schedule for eating and sleeping.
She can hold her head up while laying on her stomach and can roll over.
She is active and fond of music and will smile readily.
Gets excited when she sees food. Just like her daddy!
She is attached to her caregiver. It is conforting to know that she made an attachment but will be hard to break that.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bo Jia-Wen aka Alison Rose...

It's in the GOOD OLE USA!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

19 hours in the air so far.....

Is that plain just messing with us or what!!!
I want my REFERRAL!!!!

Added info to the tracking doc...

Package has left HONG KONG!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Referral is on it's way......

We should see Alison's face SOON!!!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Still Waiting.....

Just a quick update to let everyone know
that there is STILL NO NEWS.
As soon as we hear anything we will post it!

Thanks for checking in!!
Lisa & Russ

Saturday, July 03, 2010


We are still hoping for a referral sometime next week. Hopefully Tuesday, although it could likely be a bit later in the week.

R - Ready, after five years of waiting, we are definitely ready. That doesn't mean we have it all figured out and we don't believe that we think it will all go smoothly, We are just ready for this to move on and something to happen.

E -Excitement, there is definitely a sense of excitement around here. I cannot concentrate on anything right now. I am useless at work. I try to find things to keep my mind off it.

F -Family, My mom has been calling daily. Lisa's mom is is about to become a fixture at our house. These things are good things and I don't think we could get through this without help from out families. They all mean well. F could also be for FEAR. I admit we are scared and I have been having some weird dreams lately. Glad I went with FAMILY!

E -Eternal, Soon we will have a daughter that will will become part of our happy family forever. According to Websters, Eternal means having infinite duration, or continued without intermission. I'm good with that!

R -Rumor Queen, Checking out the queen hourly. Everybody who has gone through this knows exactly what I mean.

R -Reflection, Lisa and I recently celebrated 21 years of marriage. All of that childless. We are taking time to reflect on those memories. Those memories will not be forgotten but will soon be coming to an end.

A -Alison, Half way around the world right now there is a little girl who does not know how her life is about to change.

L -Love, I cannot explain it but we unconditionally love a child that we have never layed eyes on. We have never seen a picture of her, we don't know what she looks like, we don't even know where she is right now but she is loved very much.