Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year!!
2008 Year of the Rat.
CNY is Feb 7th
Well, IF we listen to what the rumors are, We will not be bringing Alison Rose home in 2008.
Please pray for us that we will bring Alison Rose home in 2008.
The rumors are saying that December 2005 referrals will take another 2 months or more to get through. If this is so, We will not see Alison till early in 2009.
It is also a rumor hat China will close down for the two months of the Olympics.
So, if it takes till March o8 to get through Dec 05 referrals, then take two months just to get through Jan 06, then the CCAA will be closed two months for the Olympics, then HOPEFULLY they will start on Feb 06 referrals.
We hope to have a referral by the holidays this time next year. But we aren't getting our hopes up. Our Agency seems to think we will get a referral by this summer/fall. We just don't see that happening at all.
What can we do but sit here and watch our friends and family have babies left and right, while we wait for our little slow boat to China.
Once again, Please keep us in your prayers. This long wait is taking it's tole on Russ and me. You may see a big smile on my face, but inside I am depressed. My thoughts are in China while my body is in Alabama.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

From Our House To Your House
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
Love, Russell & Lisa

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Opry Mills....Ice Show

On December 8th I spent the day with my (Co-workers) friends.
We went to see The Grinch Ice Show at the Opry Mills Mall in Nashville, TN.

We started with lunch at the Aquarium Cafe in the Mall.

We all chose a fish the reminded us of each other.....

They said I was the STING RAY!
Sawsan, Michele, Me, Brandi, & Monica (Tiffany took the picture)

Me, Sawsan, & Brandi

Monica & Tiffany

Michele & Me

After lunch we headed over to the Ice show.
We were given coats to wear. It is 9*to 12*f.
Our noses, fingers and toes were frozen for an hour after the show.

If you have children, You have to take them to see this.


They even had an Ice slide. Now, wouldn't want to know the rules BEFORE you stand in line for so long to slide down?!? We get to the top after waiting in line for about 20 min, to find out that you COULD NOT SLIDE IF YOU HAD ON HEELS!! Well, Look at my shoes!!! LOL

After the Ice we all went shopping. Monica and I stayed together. Every one else kinda slit up. We were to meet up at 4pm to head home. Well, some people were not done so we stayed another hour. Monica and I got some more of her shopping done, then we saw some Chinese men doing back massages...Well, all I can say is MAN THAT FELT GOOD!!!
The best $1 a minute I ever spent!! Monica will agree!