Friday, January 25, 2008

Gavin Is 4 Months Old!!

Just look at this little HANDSOME man!!!
My little Gavin Palmer is 4 months old!!
What a Cutie Pie!
Gavin, Your Auntie Lisa Loves You VERY Much!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Amryn is 4 months old!!

Amryn got to spend the weekend with her Nanny and Pappy this weekend. Russ and I made dinner and took it over. Michele had just finished feeding Amryn and was about to come to the table to eat dinner till Amryn Pooped her pants! This video I took is so funny!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday Andrew!!

January 15, 2008
One of the BEST JAPANESE Restaurants in Huntsville.

Russell and I went to dinner with our friends

Gary, Elizabeth & Andrew

for Andrew's 6th Birthday.

Andrew and his Best Bud Parker!

Gary & Elizabeth having fun watching the kids enjoy the show.

Here is our chef, Victor. Always ask for him. He has the BEST Show!

The Kids eating Andrews Birthday fruit from the restaurant.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Athens FCC Beauties/Smiths Baby Shower

Last Sunday, Jan 6th Our FCC Family gave a baby shower for our New Little Boy!
Jeff and Becky will have Noah in February.
Jerry Green got all the little ladies together on the couch for a
"RED" couch photo. Needless to say, there was no red couch...

But Look at these BEAUTIFUL GIRLS!

Russ and I are still waiting for our Alison Rose.
The CCAA (The folks who give us our sweet baby girl)
have been very slow at sending out referrals.
The CCAA has sent out referrals to folks that were LID up to December 19, 2005.
We are LID (LogInDate) April 29, 2006.
With the CCAA only doing 5 days of referrals a month,
that puts us into 2009 for a referral.
That means, If this slow down continues,
We will not bring Alison Rose (and hopefully Susan Renee)
home till sometime around spring or summer 2009.
Please pray that the referrals will start to speed up.
I sure want to bring my baby girl (or girls) home THIS YEAR!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Birthday Dinner for My Momma

Last Sunday...Jan 6th was my Mothers 54th Birthday.
Because of busy schedules all around,
we had her Birthday dinner on Sat, Jan 12th.
(except for my brother Tony, his wife Toni, and my nephew Jacob)
My Family got to come.

Momma- Mary Jo & Daddy- Winfred

Me- Lisa & Russell

Look who got to come, My little sweetie Pie GAVIN!!!
Oh my gosh he is getting so big.
Look at that big smile he gave to his Auntie Lisa!

Haley Jo looks SO EXCITED to be there. She is now 15 with her learners permit.
She has a truck watch out drivers, There is a new Teen behind the wheels!

I was so excited that Jessica and Durinda got to come.

My Mom and I helped raise these two beauties.

They are my SisterCousins! haha

Durinda (In the striped sweater) is the Mommy to Gavin.

Jessica is the Baby of our Family!

I love these girls with all my heart!

Hummmmm What are these two up to??

Calvin and Landon liked getting to watch T.V. at dinner.

Calvin is my Sister's (Stacy) son and

Landon (the one with the silly grin) is my Brother's (Tony) son.

Hummmm, What are you gonna have?

I don't know... What are you gonna have??

This is my Sister Stacy and her hubby Jim.
Or, you can call him GILBERT! haha

Getting ready to go home. Calvin LOVES his Uncle Russell!
After we had dinner, My parents looked across the street to the donut hut. My Aunt Regina works there. Momma wanted to go by and see if My Aunt was working....And Guess what!?!
She was!!

This is my Mother's Baby Sister.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Momma

Happy Birthday to the BEST MOMMA in the WORLD!
Mary Jo Rainey Corsbie is 54!!