Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hair Bow's

A friend of mine is selling these hair bows
to raise money for her China adoption.
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If you think you might want 1, 2, 3, or MORE!!
Let me know and I will send you her contact information.
They are $5 each, and add $4 if they need to be mailed to you.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

It is FALL!!!

It's Halloween!!
Gordon is waiting for trick or treaters!
Nothing like a BLACK CAT at HALLOWEEN
to greet your Trick or Treaters at the door!!
The Crypt Keeper!
Andrew was our 1st trick or treater!
Emma Fu was our 2nd, but my camera died
So I didn't get to get a picture of her.
We only had 3 more come after Emma came.

NOVEMBER 1, 2009
This tree is in our back yard.
Isn't it pretty!
Some dog woods on the golf course.

The creek on the golf course.


Hickory Tree.
Russ and I went for a nice walk with the
dogs today and got these fall pictures.
We hope you all have a nice fall!
This is our LAST FALL Without our
little Gift from China!
Alison, You will get to be with us soon!
Mommy & Daddy Love you so much already!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I haven't posted any cakes in a while.
Here is what I have been up to!

June Cakes...
This was a multi B'day cake.
This was for my Dad and my nephews Calvin & Login

A cake I made for my Sis Michele.
July Cakes...

Happy 4th!

Aug. Cakes...

Happy B'day Brandi!
I did make a going away cake for a girl at work,
But it kept posting sideways,
so i deleted the pic! Sorry!
Sept. Cakes....

For Twin Brothers who wanted separate cakes
this year! lol Happy B'day
William & Henry!
My little bud Andrew came over so he could
make his Dad a B'day Cake.
I did the sides and the green on top,
Andrew did the letters!
This is for my Cuzin Amanda!

This is for Brandi (at work)
Her little BOBO turned 2!

My other friend Brandi needed this for a game.
It belongs to her..lol
I just made the cake!
Cup Cakes for my Amryn!
I baked her B'day cake too, I asked for a pic
because I didn't take one. And no one took
one for me! So I have no pic.
This one is for a Girl at church.
We had a surprise 40th B'day party for her.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Atlanta, GA September 5th&6th 2009

For Russell's Birthday weekend we went to Atlanta
with his sister Michele and Brother in law Mike.
Russell and Michele's Aunt Barbara met us there too.
We got to the hotel and checked in, then we went to
Tuner Field and got our BRAVES TICKETS for that nights game.
After that, we went on a tour of Atlanta just to try to
find something to eat and get some Braves gear
for Mike, Michele & Aunt Barb.

Hi Aunt Barb!
Game Time. Braves Lost 3-1. It was HOT!!
But we still had fun. Mike and Michele walked all
around the stadium. Russ and I had some HOT
Chicago dogs! Man oh man did my mouth burn!
Me & Russ having fun!

Mike & Michele!!
Chipper up to bat!
Everyone watching the game!
Russell picking my nose with my foam finger! haha

The next day we got up, went to breakfast and then
headed to the Georgia Aquarium.
My FAVORITE was the Beluga Whales.

Russell's Favorite was the Whale Sharks!
This is just so pretty!

Mike & Michele at the Aquarium.

I snuck up on Aunt Barb! haha

That night we went to Stone Mountain.
Lisa & Russ an top of Stone Mountain.

Mike & Michele on top of Stone Mountain.
We stayed for the laser light show, but I couldn't get any good
pictures of anything. Hope you had fun looking at the pic's!
Love, Lisa

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Snow in September!

While her Mommy was taking a nap...
He Daddy went outside...
She was in her room...
Her Mommy woke up...
Her Daddy was STILL outside...
She was still in her room...
Mommy goes in and this is what she found!
It SNOWED in Amryn's room!

This is our Great Niece Amryn Marie!

Friday, September 04, 2009


Wow!! Where has the time gone?
I haven't blogged in a while.
I am going to catch you up with some BIRTHDAYS!

Lisa's Birthday she turned 40!

This is Lisa's Best Friend from High School,
Shana and Shana's boyfriend David.
We met them with Shana's family
at the Mello Mushroom for Shana's
40th!! in July. 2 weeks after Lisa's B'day.

September, Russ turned 45!!
a week before his B'day we went to dinner with
Lisa & Mike Murphy; Gary, Andrew &
Elizabeth Howard; Mike & Michele Aronson.
Last night we went out for pizza
with Mike & Michele for Russell's B'day.
We are going to Atlanta for the weekend
so I will have more to blog about later.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Thursday June 25th

Here we are!
We got there early, it was so nice...
We got to walk around the whole
park before it got crowded.
I got a lot of really good photo's without
having to wait on folks to get by.
This water wheel works the clock
and the other instruments there.

A replica of the old church Dolly use to go to
when she was a little girl.
The "Preacher" gave a pretty good lesson.

Does anyone have $15,000 just laying around?
If so, will you buy me this Carousel??
lol all kidding aside, I wish I had the money!
I would have bought this!
The person building it still has a while to go
on it, this has taking him 2 months so far.

Russ and I had such a long but fun day!
We went into every shop,
saw almost all the shows,
and rode almost all the rides.
We even took the train here.
If you are going to Dollywood,
make sure you bring a change of clothes!
(if you want to ride the 3 or 4 water rides)
If you have little ones, bring them a swimsuit.
(Lot's of water activity for the little ones)
Tomorrow we are going to go to the river and hang out.
So there might not be but a few if any photos at all.
Till tomorrow!

Wednesday June 24th

Happy Birthday Daddy!
Oh, I just love my Daddy!
What little girl doesn't!
Happy Birthday Daddy!
See you on Sunday!
Russ and I didn't do much today.
Well, I should say
Russ got up early this morning
and went for a 40 something
mile bike ride to Cades Cove
and then around it twice!
I tried to get him to take his phone so that
he could take a few photos. Well, He didn't!
A BEAR! And, now I have No photo
to share of it! errrrrr I am gonna get him
When he got back to camp and got all cleaned up,
he took a very LONG nap.
I even took one! I never take naps!
When we got up we went exploring Townsend.
There are more places to eat
than I thought there were!
There isn't much shopping though.
We went to the IGA and bought some
food for lunch and dinner.
When we got back to camp we had hamburgers.
Then later on that evening
(as you can see) I am cooking again..
After dinner we watched a movie.
Nothing to exciting today.
Dollywood is tomorrow!