Saturday, March 21, 2009

Catching Up.....

Today was a baby shower I thought was last Sunday for
a family from church. The Father (Cody Brown) is in Iraq.
Please pray for his safety while he is there.
His wife Tina is a sweet heart. Please pray for her too.

Baby Gabriel's Cake.
Yesterday, Sat 3-38-09 I went to Rogersville to watch
my niece Haley Jo play ball. They lost the first game 5-4.
Haley is a great ball player!
A base hit.

Cake class... This was the final cake for cake class
course 3. Yes, It looks like a wedding cake.
Sawsan and I did this cake together.
We had so much fun!

In Memory of my friend Susan Groce.
St Patty's day would have been my sweet
dear friends birthday.
I miss her!
Happy Birthday Susan!

Cake Class... This is so cute!
I learned how to work with fondant.
Note to my friends. A fondant cake will cost more!! lol
Baby Shower cake!
This was my first baby shower cake that I sold.
Isn't it so pretty!
Well, So far that's it.
Not much going on besides work and baking!!
Russ starts golf here next week.
I hope he will take some pics to post for you all.
Have a great month!

Love Lisa & Russ

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Kite Day with the FCC group!

March 7, 2009
Russell & Paul William
Paul William, Nick, Andrew, Rebecca, Molly, Vivian, Emma, Lia, & Lily
missing, but was also there... Alyson, Ellen, William, Henry, Connor, Taylor, Esther, & Eleanor
I hope I am not missing a child.

Kites in the air!!

Well, today was our 3rd annual Kite day.
We held it at Valley Church. Thanks Max & Kathy!

We all brought our lunches and then flew our kites.
It was so cool to see all the kiddo's with their kites.

Have a great day!
Lisa & Russ

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Please Pray for My Dear Friend Becky...

Becky & Claire Sandlin
My Sweet & Dear Friend Becky
lost her Father (Jack Riley) today.
He has been sick for a while now.
Please keep Becky's Family
in your thoughts and prayers
during this sad time
for her family.
Thank you!
Lisa & Russ

Sunday, March 01, 2009

New Babies to our FCC Group!

The Sloans have a DAUGHTER!!!

Katie's Gotcha day was 2/22/09
Clay and Tina should be home this week.
I hope I get to make it to the air port to celebrate them home!
The HAMMOND's have a son!

Reed joined his Mommy and Daddy
We have known Tim and Tina for a few years now.
It is SO EXCITING to see them with their son!
Guess what Tina, if you are reading this...
IT SNOWED this morning!!
It's not much, just a dusting. but it is pretty!
Congratulations to both our Family of Friends.
We can not wait to see both of these beautiful children at the airport!!!
Love, Lisa & Russ