Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010


There was a large group of family and friends at the airport to welcome Russ, Lisa and Ali home. Their flight got in about 15 minutes early and everyone there was so happy to welcome Ali to her new home.

A few of Ali's new friends from the FCC group.
Ali's Grandma's and Aunt's waiting patiently.
The welcoming committee lined up with signs in hand waiting.
They are finally HOME! ! ! !
Daddy showing off Ali to her new friends.
Both Grandma's.
Grandpa introducing Ali to some of her new friends.
Momma and Ali!

Friday, September 03, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010


Today Russ got to celebrate being a Dad for his Birthday. After breakfast he and Louise went back downtown to the watch stores so he could get himself a nice birthday gift. However, before they had a chance to leave there was a knock on the door; It was the Hotel, they had brought Russell a birthday cake complete with candles and matches! We held off eating any cake, one because we had JUST had breakfast and two, because he was headed out the door.

Ali and I were going to go around the Island and try to spend what little bit on yuan I had left. But it started raining cats and dogs! So, we stayed inside and played in the hotel play room instead.

Once Russell and Louise got back we had some cake and sang Happy Birthday to Russell. Surprisingly the cake wasn't that bad, in fact it was very good! For lunch we ordered a hamburger and fries from room service.

Later on I went out by myself to get a few more things. It was still raining, but not as bad. We had wanted to go out on a dinner cruise, but didn't want to get Ali out in this weather. She is about all cleared up from her cold and we didn't want to take the chance that she could get sick again.

We did make it down to the red couch to get a few photo's but Ali wasn't having much to do with that! lol We bought some batteries at the care free the other day, cheap things..I think we may have gotten 5 pic's per set of batteries!

Anyway, We head to Hong Kong Saturday morning by train. Hopefully we will be able to get some good pictures to do a Hong Kong Update. Till then......

Love, Lisa, Russ & Ali

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Is It Time to Go Home Yet???

Gosh, We have been in China for almost three whole weeks!
We are so ready to come home.

Today we got up, went down to breakfast and then to the Chen Ancestral Lineage Hall.
The main gate was under construction, so we had to take a long was around to get in. We walked thru some very old housing. It was very interesting. The Family Hall was very very pretty. But I must say... There hasn't been one single place that Russ and I have gone to that wasn't just absolutely beautiful. We spent about an hour there this morning.

Afterwards, we went to the Carefree super market. It was like walking into a military PX or BX. We got a few things to get us through the next few days and our trip home.

Once we got back to the hotel Russell and Ali took a nap. Or I should say that Russell took a nap, Ali acted like she took one! I think it lasted about 15 minutes. Then she was ready to play.

Today Russ and I had to swear that all our information that we have given to Immigration was true to the best of out knowledge. Ali was the 3rd person called up. But, now she goes from first to last! lol I got a little emotional. But that lasted about a few seconds because I had to change a wet diaper. We were told we couldn't bring any camera's so we didn't get any photo's at the Immigration department. Tomorrow we will get Ali's visa and our Brown Envelope!

When we got back to the hotel we gathered up ALL the medications we brought with us that we haven't even touched and gave it all to our guide to donate to a couple from Australia that comes and helps sick children. I can't remember the name of the Mission they do. We were going to do a little more shopping before dinner but someone had other plans for us. She went down for a nap and we headed to Lucy's. Now we are back in our room. Russ and I are ready for bed, but Ali is wide awake!

Last night we let her stay up till she was ready to go to sleep instead of rocking her to sleep at 8. Guess what!? We got some sleep! She woke up around 1:30 and we quickly changed her and gave her a small bottle. She was out like a light real fast! She slept till at least 7:30 this morning.
Right now she and Daddy are on the bed. Daddy is watching the Discovery channel...(Just like at home!) and Ali is sitting next to him playing with her toys.

We are almost on the home stretch. Just one more full day in Guangzhou then to Hong Kong on Saturday then HOME on Sunday. These three weeks have really gone by fast. China is a very beautiful place, But there is nothing like HOME SWEET HOME!

Thanks for following us through this wonderful journey. We have been so blessed with a Beautiful child and great Family and Friends. We just don't know what we would have done with out those of you who have helped make this journey come true.

We thank God everyday for all our blessings!
Oh before I forget...Last night while we at dinner, we sat next to the Alabama license plate and Russell was trying to get Ali to say Alabama....EVEN Louise thought Ali said ALABAMA!! lol So, when we get home and you think she is saying Alabama...SHE MIGHT BE!! hahaha

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

September already!

What a nice day today.

We slept in this morning and had a late breakfast. Louise went for our Consulate appointment today and so we had to stay in our room till 11am and wait just in case she had any questions and needed to call us. Once she came and went, we went to the bank to exchange money. While I waited at the bank Russell and Ali had to go get some etchings we had made. Once we got our errands done we just came back to the room and gave Ali some lunch.

We were suppose to meet Louise in the lobby at 3 to go to a park. Our phone rings and it is Louise wondering if we were still going to go to the park because it was 10 after. lol Russell had on his "Rolex" that he got yesterday and it doesn't keep time very well! lol Anyway, we went to the city park and saw the 5 ram monument and then we went to a museum.

Once we got back to the hotel we changed Ali and fed her then we took Louise out to dinner.
When we got back from dinner Ali and I took a bath together so she could play. She loves the bath now. I know I may have said that before, but oh well! We played so I could ware her out so she would go to sleep and sleep ALL NIGHT!! Please God, LET HER SLEEP ALL NIGHT TONIGHT!

Only 2 more days here in Guangzhou. Tomorrow we go to the swearing in ceremony and that is when all of our documents will be officially filed and complete!! We are also going to go to some kind of family temple.

We will be home soon!
Lisa, Russell, & Ali