Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Cakes and more cakes to come.....

This is NOT one of my best cakes, But I wanted to post it anyway. It is store bought frosting, so it got soft and started to fall when I got to the end. But I was told it still tasted great!
Happy 5th Birthday to my friend Raynie Riddle.
I meant to get a photo of Raynie when she came picked up her cake last night, but I failed to get one. She was excited about her cake.

I will have more cakes to post this weekend!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jessica's Bridal Shower 1/4/09

A few weeks ago was my baby's bridal shower.
Yes, My BABY is getting Married!!
I call Jessica my baby because I helped raise her when I was younger.
She and her sister Durinda are my Babies!
Growing up I spent a lot of time with my Aunt Julie. We were
more like sisters than anything.
Durinda & Jessica will always be my babies!
Good Luck Jessica on your Marriage.
I know you and Jonathan will have a
Wonderful life together!
I Love You, Momma Lisa
Gavin, Durinda, & Jessica
The Rainey Sisters
Julie, Regina, MaryJo, & Kathy
The Corsbie Girls
Lisa, HaleyJo, MaryJo, Stacy, & Toni

The Ragan Girls
Kelly, Kathy, & Bethany

The Burcham Girls
Julie, Reba, & Jessica

Aunt Regina & her lovely Ladies
Krystal, Regina, Nikky, Amanda, & Chasity

Monday, January 12, 2009

Reeses Count Down.....

Sorry, but there aren't any pictures for this one.
We are a little behind on our
Reeses count down!!!
Last month we got to eat 6!!
This month we got to eat 5!!
So what does that mean????
in other words, we still have 12 month left if the
CCAA keeps it at 5 days a month,
Just for referral.
We hope Feb there will be more than 5 days.
The CCAA is starting March 2006 LID's.
We have heard that March 06 was a very big month for LID's.
We sure hope it doesn't take all year just to get through March.
Keep your fingers crossed with us that next months count
down will be more than 5 days!!!
Thanks to checking in.
We love ya,
Russ & Lisa

Friday, January 09, 2009

More cake anyone?

Hockey Time...
Chaos from the Huntsville Havoc.
I did this free handed.

We love hockey! Andrew, a friend of ours, is going to have a sleep over and his parents are taking him and 4 of his friends to the hockey game. He wanted a hockey cake.

I hope he likes this one.

Happy 7th Birthday Andrew.

Russ and I love you very much!

Happy Birthday Momma!!

Me (Lisa) with (Mary Jo) my MOMMA!
Happy Birthday Momma.
Man alive your 55!!
I hope you had a WONDERFUL Birthday!
Love, Your FAVORITE Daughter!!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Corsbie Christmas...

Lisa (Me), Tony, Stacy, Winfred (Dad), & Mary Jo (Mom)

Momma & her girls!
Daddy and his guys!
Russ & Lisa Wulfekuhl
Landon, Toni, Tony Corsbie, & Jacob Mitchele
Jim, Stacy, Haley Jo, & Calvin Berryman
Gavin, Lenord, & Durinda Caldwell
Austin, Jonathon, Jessica, & Login McDougal

Christmas was so much fun this year with little man Gavin.
Hopefully next year we will at least have a photo of Alison Rose to share with you all.

More Cakes....

This is not a very good picture.
I made this for my cousins bridal shower this past weekend.
Her wedding is in black and white.
Congratulations Jessica & Jonathon!
Happy Birthday Lily Mei!!
Lily loved her cake!

Cup cakes I made for Ragan Hamm's pre K Christmas party.