Saturday, July 28, 2007


Corinth Theatre-Arts
Seussical Jr.
A musical based on the works of


July27-29, 2007
Cast: Second Who Family &
Jungle Citizens.....
(and other's)
Last night was opening night of Landon's play. I couldn't take photo's during the play, nor could I take video. So I had to wait and take photo's of Landon with some of his favorite cast members after the play. The play was TO TO TO TO TO TO Cute!!! But, what else would a PROUD Aunt say?? Landon didn't have a "Big" part in the play, but WHO CARES!! He did WONDERFUL!! I am so so very proud of him. He has been bit with the acting bug.

This is Lauren Linton, She was the Cat in the Hat. Oh she did an excellent job. She has such a pretty voice. She was very good with all the children.

This is Matt Louis. He plays JoJo/Boy. He smiled the whole time. He did a Great job. This young man can sing! He's a pretty good little actor as well.

This young lady is Katelyn Mathis, She playes the Young Kangaroo. Oh my goodness she was a little CUTIE PIE!!! This little girl can SING!! She is going to be a leading lady one day.

This is Abby Noyes, she plays Gertrude, a little bird who is in love with Horton the Elephant (Who I didn't get to get a photo of.) Oh My Gosh is all I have to say about Abby. She was Awesome! Her role in the play was so FUNNY! hat a Wonderful Actress!

And here we have Leslie Datsis. She plays MayzieLaBird. LOL She does this part so well!!! She has a great voice. She knows what's she's doing on that stage! I LOVED her role in the play.

Everyone who was in the musical was wonderful. I just wish I could have been allowed to take photo's while the play was going on. No matter how much I might describe to you the play, It would never do the play justice. All the children did an excellent job.
Maybe this is Landon's calling. If it is, He has my whole hearted support. He has worked so hard on this play. He was so ready for last night. Hopefully in his next play, (yes, I am pretty sure he will audition for the next play and be chosen!) he will have more parts to play. But for his VERY FIRST PLAY!! All I got to say is BRAVO My Sweet Handsome NEPHEW!!
All My Love, AUNT LISA

Saturday, July 21, 2007

New Citizens Dinner

We have 3 New Citizens!!!

Welcome to Athens, AL FCC Lily Grace, Paul William & Lily Mei!

We have watched these beautiful children come into our lives via the Internet. Now we get to see them in the flesh!! Tonight, July 21, 2007 we celebrated our three new citizens. Wow, I can not wait till I get to go to China and bring home my sweet little Alison Rose, and hopefully Susan Renee. I am so excited to know that I will be going. No, It's not going to be this year. But, I am going. Hopefully We will have our referral and on our way this time next year.

Marci & Katie had to get as tall as Russell to do a little karate on him. haha they just love Russell, and he loves them just as much.

Below are just a few more photos from our little event tonight. Enjoy them.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Lily & Paul Williams 1st 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!!

This is the first of many 4th of July's for two new American Citizens from China.

I want to to say "Welcome to America!" to

Lily Mei Carter & James Paul William Ogle.

Lily and Paul William were adopted last month from China.

Steve, Lily & Monica Carter, Mary Louise, Paul William & Greg Ogle

sitting on the "FAMOUS" red couch at the White Swan Hotel in China