Sunday, February 13, 2011

Alison's First Valentine!

What a Year of First!!
Happy First Valentines Day Alison Rose!
Alison and Lisa's Valentines from Russell

Here she is in her Valentines Dress
getting ready to go to church.

Chinese New Year 2011 Year of the Rabbit

Feb 5, 2011
Athens AL Families with Children from China
held our Chinese New Year at
Friendship Methodist Church in Athens.
This was our biggest celebration yet!
Not to mention the most children to come home
in one year for our growing group.
This year we got to celebrate with our little Chinese Princess!

Amryn came to spend the weekend with her Nanny and Ali's
Aunt Shell Shell. This was Amryn's first Chinese New Year.
She had a lot of fun and made lots of new friends.
This isn't a good picture of Russell, but I thought it was
a good one of the girls. Amryn loves her Baby Ali.
I wish I had counted how many cute kids that were there that
are Chinese. I would guess at least 45/50 or so.
All I know is they are all so beautiful and
we are so very blessed to have each and every
one of these wonderful children in our lives!

This is one of my most favorite events that we hold each year.
This year we decided to introduce all the new citizens
at Chinese New Year instead of holding it for different event.
This way, most all the families are able to get to
see all the new babies. And this year we had 8 or 9
that came home in 2010.
We already have 1 to celebrate next year!
Looking forward to next year!!