Sunday, September 17, 2006

Welcome Home Lily Grace

What a Wonderful day!! I started out the day with watching my nephew play ball, then ended the day with my FCC family.

Tonight we officially welcomed home Lily Grace Green!

We had so much fun. Russ, who is now called stinky shoes by Marci Hall, played with the bigger children outside, while I played with most of the little children inside.

Lily is so beautiful!! As are the rest of the Children!!

The Norman's opened up their home to us, and We thank them very much. We have become very good friends with Max, Kathy and Miss Emma. I can not wait till I bring Alison home to play with Miss Emma and the rest of the children. Alison already has so many new Aunties and Uncles from our FCC Family, I wont have to worry about a BABYSITTER!! Hint Hint!!

Calvin's Baseball Game

Today was a busy day for me. I went to watch my cute little nephew play baseball. We are all so proud of Calvin! We didn't think he would even be able to play this year at all. He had cut his arm very bad and was told that it may take a year or longer to be able to do things with his hand, if he had any use at all. But, he has worked hard. The only question he asked the Doctor was, "Am I gonna get to play baseball this year?" the Doctor told him "he didn't think so." This was very upsetting to my nephew, but look at him now!!! No, he didn't get to play in the regular season. But, he is playing in the fall season...But, HE IS PLAYING THIS YEAR!!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

A visit from

Tonight we were blessed with some great company!
Our friends, Max, Kathy, and little Miss Emma came over for dinner.
What a treat to play with Emma. She truly enjoyed Alison's toys. They have been inspected and approved! Emma thought it would be fun to sit in the small wooden box that holds some of the toys...It was SO funny to watch her. She got stuck, so her Mommy had to come get her out! I laughed so hard!!

Emma brought Ali a gift that is now hanging over the rail of Ali's bed. A bib that says "Angels watch over me." We think that's what the Chinese writing is also.

Thanks Max, Kathy, & Miss Emma for a very fun night.
We Love You, Russ & Lisa

Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Labor Day!

Still no news on Alison to report. Russ and I are ready to get her RIGHT NOW!!
I don't know if I can wait 8 to 10 more months! Her room is ready for her. All I have left to do now is start having BABY SHOWERS!! haha I want to go get her High Chair, stroller, Car Seat, and MORE TOYS!! But I was told I couldn't. Everyone gets mad at me when I go get Alison stuff. They all say.... Leave some things for the baby showers! Trust me, I still need a lot of things! haha

We are getting ready to have a Welcome Home Party for The Green's. They are members of our local FCC chapter in Athens. They have been home a month now with their little Lily Grace. She is SOOOOOOO Cute! I know my Alison will be just as Beautiful as Lily is.

Next weekend we are going to have some friends over with their beautiful little Emma Fu! Russ and I can't wait to see Emma playing in Alison's room. Oh I can't wait for Ali to be playing in her room!

Well, Russ turned 42 on the 3rd. He had a nice relaxing day between Church. We went to lunch after Church. He went for a bike ride before evening service then we came home and watched a movie and I baked him a B'day cake. Today (4th) He played golf ALL DAY LONG with our friend Max and some of Max' friends. He got home just in time for dinner! I think he could smell the roast cooking! haha He walked in the door as soon as the timer went off.

We have a busy month this month. I say the more I stay busy, the faster time will go by. And, I get closer and closer to Alison Rose!

I guess that's about all for now.

Hope you have a Wonderful Day!
Love, Lisa