Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chinese New Year Tree 2010

I just wanted to share a pic of our CNY Tree!


Hello Family and Friends;

We haven't posted anything in a while. SORRY!

We do want to share with you all that the CCAA is working on REFERRALS for APRIL 2006!!!!!!
They are only up to the 3rd. This was last updated in Dec '09. The CCAA didn't post any referrals for Jan'10, But we hope they post some before Chinese New Year.

WOW!!! They are in April!!! We are so EXCITITED!! Only 26 more days to go. We hope these next months just go by so fast we didn't see them go by! haha

We have some friends in China right now getting there beautiful baby girl. Miss Ella. So say a prayer or two that things go well for them while they are there and that they have a safe trip back home to the good ole USA!

Love to you all......
Lisa & Russ