Monday, March 26, 2007

A day with Emma & Andrew

Emma & Andrew

Have you ever seen two children as cute as these two? Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, sure you would say YES! haha

These are my two little buddies. You could almost call them twins. Emma is the daughter of my late friend Susan and Andrew is the Son of My friend Elizabeth, who is Emma's Aunt and Sister of Susan. They were born about 5 days apart!! Yep, you guessed it...on the SAME YEAR!

We had SO MUCH Fun sat. March 24th. We went bowling. Well, they got to bowl while I watched and took photo's. I am not able to do much for a while. Then we went to lunch. after lunch we went to Andrews Grandparents house on the river and we hunted easter eggs and cooked hamburgers. Elizabthe and I sat on the boat dock and chatted while Andrew and Emma fished. Oh, how relaxing that was!!