Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Finally DTC!! HOORAY!!!

Our dossier was finally shipped to China on April 25, 2006. We have a FedEx tracking number and as I sit here typing this update, our dossier is somewhere over the pacific ocean. It left Anchorage, Alaska this morning at 9:07 AM. In fact it may be on the ground in Beijing by now.
We celebrated last night by going out for Chinese food. Lisa had Beef & Broccoli and I had Chicken & Mushrooms. That is our usuall when have Chinese. We always say that we are going to experiment more but when we get there and it is time to choose we always take the same old thing.
We are expecting to be logged into the CCAA within the next couple of weeks. At that point we are looking at a wait of about 10-12 months. Lets hope and pray that it doesn't go any longer than that. Currently the CCAA is working on placement of children with families that were logged in the second week of June last year. So we basically have 1 year of families ahead of us and will have to work our way to the "top of the pile" so to speak. Last year the CCAA placed over 7,000 children to American families alone. That does not count placements of children to other countries. My best guess is that there are about 12,000 placements before we recieve our referral of Alison Rose. She may or may not even be born at this time. Everything is out of our hands at this point and all we can do is pray that God matches us up with the child of our dreams.

Here is a snapshot of our FedEx tracking information showing our dossier being delivered to the CCAA in Beijing.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Getting into the Chinese culture

To help us get into the Chinese culture, Lisa and I bought a couple of Kites. We have tried to fly them over the last couple of weeks but the wind is just not cooperating. If we go outside with a kite in hand it seems to scare the wind away. Anyway we were able to snap a couple of picture.

The one with the long tail is a serpent and the one that looks like it has wings is a dragon. I can't wait to get another windy day to give them another try.

Almost DTC!

It has been a while since I updated this site. Not a whole lot has happened over the last month or so. Villa Hope (our adoption agency) recieved our Dossier back from the China consulate in Houston, TX on April 18. They are telling us now that they plan on sending it to China on April 25. They said they are waiting on a couple of other Dossier's from other families and will be sending them all over together on April 25. We are very ready to begin the long anticipated wait.
We finally got our crib bedding in. see below.

It is hard to tell from the pictures but there are little roses on the bedding.