Monday, May 21, 2007

New Addition to the family!

Nope, It's not Alison.

We have a new puppy!!! Don't ask us why!! lol
A friend from Church had this puppy come to her house. She returned it to it's owner once, He asked if she knew anyone who wanted free puppies.....Well, the puppy was at her house again. She was going to take it to the pound...We couldn't let that happen....She called and we just couldn't not go get the puppy. So at 9pm last night (Sunday5-20-07) We drove to her house to look at it......SHE JUST MELTED OUR HEARTS!! She is a sweet little black lab!! We brought her home and put her in the garage with Hunter and Cooper. They did really god with her. Cooper is going to be a good Mommy and Hunter is going to be a good Daddy. Russ got up first thing to check on the puppy and he said all 3 dogs were asleep on the dog bed. We tried to crate her just in case Hunter and Cooper were mean to her, but she whined so loud!! We had to let her out. We haven't named her yet. We wanted something to rhyme with Hunter & Cooper, But I can't think of a name. I asked Russ last night on the way home if we should give her a Chinese name......she started whimpering, So Russ said...I don't think she wants a Chinese name! haha Anyway, Russ wants a hunting name. If you can help us name our new puppy we will gladly take suggestions!