Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Calm Before The Storm

It has been quiet around here lately. Don't let that fool you. There is a sense of excitement in our house. We are starting to plan out our trip. It looks like a few days in Hong Kong and a few days in Beijing before we go to the province where Alison is.
We are next, and we know it. I can't speak for Lisa but I am starting to get down right giddy. Our impending referral is on my mind constantly. Literally at all hours. I am finding it hard to go to sleep at night and when I wake it it is the first thing on my mind.
Work is making it hard for me to get my mind off it. Literally, everybody in the company stops me in the hallway and asks if I have heard anything? They are all supportive and full of well wishes. It is good to know that I work with a group of people that are genuinely interested in my endeavor. I promise to bring Alison to work one day and let everybody see for themselves that it was worth the wait.
We are expecting to hear from Villa Hope the week of July 4-9. I am sure there will be a quick trip to Birmingham that week as we will not be able to wait for the mail. I promise to post a picture to this blog as soon as I am literally able to. I am sure that the time between referral and travel will go by fast. It will be filled with visits from family and friends, baby showers from church, friends and family. Lisa and I are looking forward to all of it. As of today, we have not packed a single thing. We are notoriously bad at packing for trips. We usually just wait until the last minute and then throw everything we can think of into a suitcase. I know that we will actually have to put some thought into it this time. We need a list and time schedule. Maybe that is something I can work on over the next week or so.
I just keep going back in my mind that there is a little girl(s) half way around the world in China right now just waiting for Lisa and I. I can't explain the feelings I am having. Overwhelming Joy!
Happiness way beyond explanation.
On a side note, Tomorrow 6/23/10 is our 21st wedding anniversary. We have decided to keep it low key this year and just go out for a nice dinner this coming Thursday. I think a toast will be in order for more than one reason this year.
Happy anniversary Lisa. I love you more and more each year.