Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

as we go around the table we have...
My friend Lisa (white t-shirt), her husband Mike, My Sis n Law Michele, My Brother n Law Mike, My little buddy Andrew, Andrews Dad and my friend Gary, Andrews Mommy and my friend Elizabeth, then ME!! Russell took the picture.
I took the day off from work and waiting for the cable man to get here to fix my Internet. It went down on Saturday. I was going crazy with out my Internet!! lol At noon I got Andrew for the rest of the day. He had to go to the dentist and have 2 teeth pulled today. So, instead of going to day camp, his Dad brought him to me. Then at 5 we had my birthday dinner at Outback. It was so yummy! I had several birthday calls today. I had a nice surprise from a girlfriend I haven't seen or talked to in 20 years call me today to wish me a happy birthday. I am 39 this year. The dreaded 40 next year!! But it will be a Great Birthday next year because I should have my daughter by then!! So, please make a birthday wish for me that this is MY VERY LAST BIRTHDAY without my daughter. Mommy is waiting for you Alison Rose...and you to Susan Renee!! Okay China...I am READY!
Love, Lisa

New Citizens Day July 12, 2008

2007 / 2008

Sadie (Gotcha 7/23/07)

Rebecca (Gotcha 9/3/2007)
Brooklynn (Gotcha 9/3/2007)

Noah (Gotcha 2/18/2008)

(Not pictured, Molly - Gotcha 10/29/07)

Saturday July 12th we had our New Citizens celebration for our 5 new little citizens.

We had so much fun watching all the young'ns playing with each other.

Thanks Rich and Amy Hall for allowing the group to have this wonderful day at your home!!

The children had a small swimming pool to play in, also a slip n slip, trampoline, and swing set.

It was a little hot, so all the adults stayed in the shade or in the house!!

We only had one new citizen that couldn't come on Saturday, She was missed!

Congratulations Sadie, Rebecca, Brooklynn, Molly , and Noah on your new forever families and Welcome to the Athens Families with Children from China Family!

We love you all!!

Lisa & Russ

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Father Of The Year Awards...

(Me, Erica, & Brandi)
Last month I, along with 5 other team members from work,
volunteered to work at the Father of the Year and
Executive of the Year Awards Dinner at the Westin Hotel in Huntsville.
We had a lot of fun.
I just got this picture from one of the girls
I work with so I thought I would share.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

July 4th weekend...

Is it time to go back to work???
This has been a very nice relaxing weekend.
On Friday Russ got up and went to play golf with our friend Max Norman and Max's brother Mark at the Air Port while I stayed at home and WAS going to clean house. Well, That didn't happen! ha-ha My brother Tony and my nephew Landon got here around 10:30 to pick up our boat. They used it to watch Fireworks from the river in Florence. After he left I got ready to go to the river as soon as Russell got home to spend the 4th with our friends Gary, Elizabeth & Andrew. Gary's parents live on the Elk river so we had a nice time at the Howard's. Gary's Brother and his family was there and they had invited another couple to join in on the fun day. We took Gary's niece and her two girlfriends out on the river in a big 3 person tube. I didn't take my camera so I didn't get any pictures. Later that night we all took Mr Howard's pontoon out and watched the fireworks off the river. There was at least 3 very nice firework displays going on. I just wish I had my camera to share all the fun we had.
On Saturday Russ went for a bike ride while I took a nap while he was gone. When he got home we got ready for the day and went out for brunch. We had to go meet up with my brother to pick the boat up from him. We met him at Joe Wheeler, Russ and I took the boat out to do some fishing. I took the camera, but i didn't check the batteries before hand so I didn't get any pictures of the fish we caught. But I did get a few landscape pictures. We didn't get to stay out very long. We kept hearing thunder. Plus we had to get home to feed our babies.

We (Russ) caught a bass off this point.
It was a nice size small mouth, but not big enough to keep.
We never keep them anyway. We all ways catch and release.

The water was rough at times, although you can't tell it here.

Remember I said we kept hearing thunder... We never got rained on!

We hope you all had a nice 4th of July Weekend!

Love, Lisa & Russ