Thursday, May 05, 2011

Update 5/5/11

Happy Mothers Day Lisa

Ali and Daddy love you very much.

It must seem to everyone reading this blog like we bring Alison and quickly forget about our blog. I assure you that is not the case. Our lives have changed. We used to have an abundance of spare time for things like blogging. Now we have to manage every minute of every day. I used to think I knew what multitasking was, Now I am sure I know what it is but have a completely different idea of it.

Alison is doing wonderful and adjusting to our family like a real trooper. It is amazing to me to see the change in her over the last 6 1/2 months since we brought our angel home. She is completely mobile and just now starting to talk. She will get quiet around strangers but it isn't long before she opens up and her personality starts coming out. The adoption process is nearly complete by all regards. We have even got our tax return from the government. Alison now has a birth certificate issued by the state of Alabama where we officially changed her name to:

Alison Rose Jiawen Wulfekuhl

We just had to keep her Chinese name as part of her name. We still need to change the name on her social security card. We have one more post placement social worker visit scheduled for July. Once those two items are done, I guess the whole process is complete. Adoption is the most rewarding, fantastic experience of my life. I am glad we decided to adopt. I could not imagine a more perfect child for Lisa and I.