Saturday, August 30, 2008

88 Days...

88 Days!

What are you talking about? 88 days?
88 days of what?
Glad you asked!!
Every month the CCAA tells the world where they are as far as Referrals go.
Well, The CCAA is finished with January 2006!
So What? What does that mean to me?
Well, Let's see...
It is 88 days from Feb 1st to April 29th.
So what!
SO WHAT!! You Say!!
APRIL 29th is our LID!!
What is an LID?
Your kidding me! You have been following this blog and YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT AN LID IS??
Well, Let me tell you!
an LID is our Log In Date with the CCAA!
When China gets to April 29th..... ahhhh....
(and hopefully SUSAN RENEE!)
So, How long will it take for the CCAA to do 88 Days?
Well, We don't know.
It could be as short as 6 months but it could be longer.
So, you want to know what 88 days looks like?
Do Ya?

You Sure?

Okay, I'm Warning ya!!

I'm Gonna show ya.


If you come over.....



88 Reeses Cups!

What is this?

Well, This is 88 days!

Every month the CCAA will send out how many days of referrals that have done for the month. We hope that the CCAA will start doing at least 15 days a month. If that happens, We will get a referral in 6 months. If not...then we continue to wait!

Now, every time the CCAA sends out referrals Russ and I are going to eat that many days of Reeses Cups!

Let's see how long it takes us to eat 88 Reeses Cups!

Hope you have fun following our journey!

We will have fun eating it! lol

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nashville, Dragon Boat Races 8-23-2008

Dragon Boat Races

Nashville, TN

Aug. 23, 2008

Well, At 3 am Russ and I got up and got ready to go to Nashville. We were on the road around 4am. We got to Nashville at 5:40. The parking lot we had to park in took us 4ever to find. Then once we found it, IT WAS LOCKED!!! THEN...It took about 30 min for anyone to come unlock it. We were getting ready to turn around and go back home! lol not going too good so far!

Now, We are at the river park were the Dragon Boats will be racing. Becky Sandlin and I are checking teams and vender's in while Tracy and Claire were still asleep in their hotel room, and Russ is walking around taking photos of the festival.

There was a Dragon dance and I didn't get to see it! Thanks to my WONDERFUL Husband..He took some pictures for me! I wish I could have seen it in person!

Here is a close up of the Dragon's!


And the winner is... Team 3! After my shift, Russ and I walked down Music Row. Guess what we lucked up on!?! The Ryman Auditorium! What a treat!

When you walk in after you get your tickets, This is the first thing you see.

A bronze statue of Roy Acuff and Minnie Pearl.

We took a self guided tour.

It was pretty cool to see all the history in the original Grand Ole Opry!

After our little tour of the Ryman we headed back to the Dragon Boats to meet up with those two sleepy heads Tracy and Claire! lol

Russ and Claire, hanging out While Becky and I went to get some of her volunteer stuff that she didn't get when we were done with our shift.

Claire and Mommy!

After we watched some more Dragon Boats we were hungry and guess what is right across the street from the River park.... HARD ROCK CAFE!

Claire was so funny, She had to have her photo with each of us with this orange in her mouth!

After lunch Russ and I came home and The Sandlins had to get back to the hotel to check out.

We had so much fun! Next year Becky and I want our FCC to get a team together and race a boat! There we SO many people there. I hate that you all missed all the fun!! Maybe you can make it next year! Love, Lisa & Russ