Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Portraits of Ali

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy 28th Anniversary....

Before everyone went back home to
Michigan, Arizona, and Arkansas we had
a small surprise party for
Aunt Toni and Uncle Troy's
28th Wedding Anniversary.

Jordan and I made this anniversary cake for Troy & Toni.
Toni kept watch over us, so we couldn't write
Happy Anniversary on it.
We told her it was for dessert after the
Taco soup we had for dinner.

The bottom layer is a chocolate brownie with
home made chocolate frosting.
the top is a white cake with home made butter cream frosting.
I let Jordan do almost everything, so this is Jordan's cake!
I only had to show her one time how to do each thing.
I think she did a very good job!
Happy Anniversary
Aunt Toni and uncle Troy!
We hope you have many many more!

Christmas with the Corsbie's

On our way to Nanny and Paw Paw's house.
Sunday, the day after Christmas we went to
Cherokee to have Christmas with my side of the family.
Ali is always into her DVD player in the car, but
when it comes to watching her movies at home...
Ali and Login playing with Gavin's cars.

Ali her Nanny.
She loves my Momma.

Gavin didn't like he idea of Ali and
Login playing with his cars!
Gavin was so cute when we opened gifts.
I had his in Sponge Bob paper.
He didn't want to rip the paper.
That was until I opened the top and he saw what was inside.
Then it was Sponge Bob who?
Nanny's Christmas Tree.
After we all opened gifts and cleaned up from Christmas
dinner a few of us played
Apples to Apples.
If you haven't played it, you should.
It is a very fun game!

2010 White Christmas

I forgot to mention that we all woke up to a
WHITE CHRISTMAS on Christmas morning.
Jordan was so excited!
She has NEVER had a white Christmas.
Ali an Jordan outside in the snow!!

Our house!
Aunt Shell Shell's house.

Christmas with the Wulfekuhl's

Ali's first Christmas...
What a GREAT 1st Christmas for Alison.
Almost all the Wulfekuhl clan was there.
We MISSED you Scott and Ali.
Scott is in the Army and is stationed in Germany.
Jordan and I made sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies,
and chocolate chip cookies. We decorated the sugar cookies and
Jordan made 8 special ones for Santa. We had 4 here at our house
and took 4 over to Aunt Shell Shell's house so that Amryn
could have cookies out for Santa along with some milk to wash it down.
They also put out some carrots for the reindeer.
I don't think the cookies lasted very log at all!
He left Ali 2 ridding toys and some ABC foam floor
puzzle pieces. She went to each item to check them out.
She knew they were for her.
It was so cute to watch her play with each one.

After Jordan and Ali played with their Santa things,
We went over to Aunt Shell Shell's to open gifts and
fellowship with each other. Jordan, Amryn, Nana,
Aunt Toni, Misty and I decorated gingerbread men.
That was the first for me. I think this will be a
new holiday tradition for the family.
I think we all had fun doing that.

The Wulfekuhl Family
front row: Jordan
2nd row: Michele, Papa (Richard), and Nana (Patricia)
3rd row: Mike (behind Michele) and Chad (behind Nana)
4th row: Russ, Lisa, Ali, and Kate
5th row: Troy, Toni, Misty, Amryn and Bobby

This was taken on Christmas eve.
We had to get a pic with the girls in their Christmas pj's.