Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tea Party Anyone??

I babysat Emma Fu last night while Max & Kathy went out for their Anniversary. We had so much fun! We watched a movie and had pop corn and apple juice. Then Emma found Ali's tea set, so we had a tea party. At first it was just Emma and me, then she says... "I'll be right back" and she come in with "GUEST"

Here are her "GUEST"
She is telling on the "Baby Bear" for spilling her tea. lol

She is cleaning up the mess

After she goes and gets "MORE GUEST"
She is giving them some entertainment with the

Please meet Emma guest...
We had more fun than this, I just had to share the Tea Party!
Have a Great Week!
Lisa & Russ

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Cakes...

Happy Birthday Rebecca!
I made Miss Rebecca's B'Day cake.
I got to use my ribbon tip
Saturday night we went to Michele's house for dinner.
Our Friend Hector has been home from over seas for about
a month now, but this was the first time we got to see him,
So i baked this for him.

Welcome Home Hector!
(I used my ribbon tip again)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

TriAthlon!! Sat April 18th

Saturday, April 18th was a day that Russ and our friend Max have
been waiting for for a few months now. A triathlon in Scottsboro, AL.
You see how the bikes are just sitting here??
lol WELL!!!!!!
Everyone is getting ready for the race and...
Max had a blow out on his back tire.

I can't even tell you how WONDERFUL everyone was about
helping with the tire. Russ nor Max had an extra tube or tools. One of the riders who was next to them had an extra tube and tools and gave them to Max for his bike. Then a lady brought over a big bike pump and pumped the tires for them. All I can say is what SPORTSMANSHIP!

On Your Mark... Get Set... GO!!! And...They are OFF!

Here comes Russell from the 2 mile run...

Yes... He was as tired as he looks. He just got back from a 15 mile bike ride. He had to take off his shoes, socks and shirt and head to the pool. Ready for the last leg of the race...

Me, Kathy and Emma Fu sat around rooting Russ and Max on during the race!

Almost done! 200 meter swim. Russ said it didn't seem like he was in the pool very long. And the time for all this..... 1:08 He did the race under 1:10. He beat his goal by 2 min!! Way To Go Honey! I didn't put any photos of Max on here with him in the race, But he did it in 1:05. He won 3rd place in his age group! Way To Go Max! Kathy, Emma & I are proud of you both!!

After the triathlon we went to lunch then we had to stop off at a scrap book store, then e went to unclaimed baggage to have a look around. And guess what?? I didn't buy anything!! lol (well, not at unclaimed baggage anyway! I did at the scrap book store!! )

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!

Russ and I hope you all had a nice Easter Sunday!
We went to my cousin Jessica's to spend the Holiday.
There were a lot of kiddo's there. It was so nice to
spend Easter with lots of wonderful little children.
We can't wait to spend next Easter with Alison Rose!

In the back to the front we have Jessica, Logan,
Gavin, a friend of Gavin's, Austin & Belle.
I don't know what Belle was doing, But it looks like
Here we have Krystal and her girls,
Sydney, Maddie, & Abby
After we left Jessica's we went to my parents.
My Mom was sick, so she didn't get to
get out and visit anyone.
My sister Stacy and Haley brought lunch over Mom's
and we got to spend some time with them too.
Only thing missing was getting to spend time
with my brother Tony and my
nephews Landon, Jacob and Calvin.
Reese's Count Down:

We have been lazy at updating our Reese's count down.

We wanted to post that there were 2 for Feb

and 2 for March. We are now at 52 days till referral.

With that, and if they continue at 2 days a month...

well, that puts us at 12 more months till referral.

Now... When you all eat a reese's cup, THINK OF US!

Love Lisa & Russ