Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year!!
2008 Year of the Rat.
CNY is Feb 7th
Well, IF we listen to what the rumors are, We will not be bringing Alison Rose home in 2008.
Please pray for us that we will bring Alison Rose home in 2008.
The rumors are saying that December 2005 referrals will take another 2 months or more to get through. If this is so, We will not see Alison till early in 2009.
It is also a rumor hat China will close down for the two months of the Olympics.
So, if it takes till March o8 to get through Dec 05 referrals, then take two months just to get through Jan 06, then the CCAA will be closed two months for the Olympics, then HOPEFULLY they will start on Feb 06 referrals.
We hope to have a referral by the holidays this time next year. But we aren't getting our hopes up. Our Agency seems to think we will get a referral by this summer/fall. We just don't see that happening at all.
What can we do but sit here and watch our friends and family have babies left and right, while we wait for our little slow boat to China.
Once again, Please keep us in your prayers. This long wait is taking it's tole on Russ and me. You may see a big smile on my face, but inside I am depressed. My thoughts are in China while my body is in Alabama.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

From Our House To Your House
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
Love, Russell & Lisa

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Opry Mills....Ice Show

On December 8th I spent the day with my (Co-workers) friends.
We went to see The Grinch Ice Show at the Opry Mills Mall in Nashville, TN.

We started with lunch at the Aquarium Cafe in the Mall.

We all chose a fish the reminded us of each other.....

They said I was the STING RAY!
Sawsan, Michele, Me, Brandi, & Monica (Tiffany took the picture)

Me, Sawsan, & Brandi

Monica & Tiffany

Michele & Me

After lunch we headed over to the Ice show.
We were given coats to wear. It is 9*to 12*f.
Our noses, fingers and toes were frozen for an hour after the show.

If you have children, You have to take them to see this.


They even had an Ice slide. Now, wouldn't want to know the rules BEFORE you stand in line for so long to slide down?!? We get to the top after waiting in line for about 20 min, to find out that you COULD NOT SLIDE IF YOU HAD ON HEELS!! Well, Look at my shoes!!! LOL

After the Ice we all went shopping. Monica and I stayed together. Every one else kinda slit up. We were to meet up at 4pm to head home. Well, some people were not done so we stayed another hour. Monica and I got some more of her shopping done, then we saw some Chinese men doing back massages...Well, all I can say is MAN THAT FELT GOOD!!!
The best $1 a minute I ever spent!! Monica will agree!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Patience, Patience, I Need You.

Patience, Patience, I Need You.

How I Wonder What To Do.

Sit Right Down and Twiddle My Thumbs,

Tap My Toe or Sit and Hum.

Patience, Patience, I Need You.

How I Wonder What To Do.

For the Lord I Will Be Strong,



I Won't Grumble, I Won't Fight.

Patience, Patience, I Need You.

Now I Know Just What To Do.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


3 Years Ago I Lost one of My Dearest Friends.

MySpace I Miss You Comments

Susan Leigh Skinner Gross

Yesterday, November 10th. Was the 3 year anniversary of Susan's death.

I still miss her. She left me with some funny memories,

and her sister Elizabeth, who has become one more of my Dearest Friends.

Susan's little girl, Emma, is growing up so fast and is so beautiful.

( Emma, Elizabeth, & Andrew)

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Gavin Palmer my new Cousin!!

September is Baby month in our Family!!

This is my new cousin, Gavin!!
He is 4 days old today. I got to spend all day with him without any other family members around and I had so much fun. His Mommy, Durinda and I took LOTS and LOTS of pictures!!

Just look at this sweet baby boy!!

Don't you just want to kiss him all over!?!?

Gavin with Mommy!

Gavin with Daddy!

Our New Great Neice

Happy Birthday
Amryn Marie

We have a GREAT NEICE!!
Does that mean we are gettig OLD!?!?!
Welcome to the world Amryn Marie Kane!

Amryn with her Mommy & Daddy

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Smoky Mountain Vacation

Our Vacation!
Smoky Mountains, relaxing!

Russ and I started out Sept4th,and headed to the Smokies. We took the long way to get there, and it was so worth the drive. All the country scenery was beautiful. We got to our camp site around 3pm, set up camp and relaxed around the river, that was just outside our tent door. Then we went to get something to eat, then sat around the fire till it was time to hit the hay! Oh, did I mention that we took the LONG way around Townsend, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg to look for a general dollar or dollar general store to get an extension cord?? Then to find out if we would have gone straight about 50 feet and NOT turned at the light that took us the LONG way, both stores were right there! Well I wont! lol

Well, Here we are, set up and ready to do some camping. That is the river in the back ground. Ahhhh what a soothing sound it was at night with the water flowing over the rocks. It beats a sound tape of the good ole out door's any day. If you like to camp and want to do it in the Smokies we will tell you to stay here. It is a KOA in Townsend, TN. We were just outside the Smoky Mountain National Park. We had POWER!!! and WIRELESS INTERNET!! We just couldn't pick up a phone signal. Isn't this just beautiful?? This is what we woke up to every morning.This is looking up stream. It looks just as beautiful looking down stream. There weren't any animals around. When we checked in the lady said the camp was FULL the day before. So I guess with all the people the wild life hadn't made it back down around the river. We did have a squirrel that hung around, jumping from tree to tree. I did see some tad poles in the water getting ready to loose their tales. Of course there were trout in the water, but none big enough to eat if you wanted fresh fish.

The next morning. Sept 5th. We got up and got dressed so Russ could go to Cades Cove to ride his bike. Cades Cove is an 11 mile trip in a valley where people lived long ago. The last settler died in 1992 or so. Most of the cabin's and all the churches and the little town still stand and you can hike to each of them that are still standing, walk inside and enjoy what it would have been like long ago in the Cove. We came back the next day and drove the loop and stopped at every site and took lots and lots of pictures. But on Wed. and Sat. from May to Sept the loop is closed to cars so that bikers can ride. there are 2 dirt roads in the middle of the paved loop so you can shorten you ride to 5 miles or 8 miles if you don't want to do the 11 miles. Russ did the 11 mile twice! I walked about a mile down the road and took pictures. I saw geese, wild turkey and trophy deer! We got back to camp, took sowers, made the bed (zipped the sleeping bags up), locked up and went to find some lunch.....In Gatlinburg. It is a very pretty drive to Gatlinburg from Townsend. It's about 18 to 20 miles and the road is less traveled. So you can take your time and pull over and enjoy the view...... Like Maloney Point. lol This picture doesn't even to the view you think it's because there are 2 funny looking people obstructing the view? lol (Thanks lady that came by and blocked our first shot of the valley for taking our picture!) Okay, site seeing is off to Gatlinburg. Man that place has grown from the last time we were there. $8 to park all day! But it was worth it. We just walked around. We didn't do any of the tourist stuff this time. There was a new addition to the wax museum. Captain Jack Sparrow!! and of course we had to have a picture of Russ taking Jack's effects! haha We went through a few shops, had lunch at McDonald's, did more walking, took more pictures, had a Chicago dog, meet folks from Alabama! (the man who sold us our hot dog went to school at Athens State!) There is more building going on. If there is an empty space big enough for a store, it is gonna be built on. The chair lifts are new, so is the space needle. Oh the aquarium is new too from the last time I was there. We were going to go, but changed our minds. We were getting tired. And Russ was ready to go back to camp and rest. After all, He did just go on a 22 plus mile bike ride, then drove to Gatlinburg, then walked up and down the almost 3 miles of Gatlinburg. On the way back to the car there is another new restaurant... Bubba Gump Shrimp! So We had to stop there to. We didn't eat there, But we did get Russ a T-shirt. Russell's favorite line in Forest Gump is the Shrimp line... boiled shrimp, shrimp get the picture. Well now he can ware that line anytime he wants They have a park bench out front with a box of chocolates and suitcase sitting on the bench and a pair of running shoes on the ground that you stick your feet into....yes, we got a picture!! We get back to camp, went to the store/restaurant. Got some dinner then sat by a fire and watched a movie on the DVD player we brought. lol and people think when you go camping it's rough! lol Boy, are they wrong! haha

Thursday we got up early to get to Cades Cove to do the drive around the cove. We wanted to see all the wild life before they all went deep into the woods before it started getting hot. It took us about 4 hours to drive around the Cove. We had to stop at all the sites and took pictures. Some places were a hike to get to, but once you got there, It was so worth the hike. It was around lunch when we were done. We went to a local restaurant for lunch, Oh man was it good. I really didn't want to have a big lunch because we were going to the Mystery Movie Dinner Theater in Pigeon Forge......Good thing I filled up at lunch!!! The Mystery was funny, But the food could have been better. But anyway, Like I said...Good thing I had a nice lunch!!! We took a hay less hay ride in Gatlinburg after dinner in Pigeon Forge.

Well, It's Friday. Time to check out from the camp ground and head home. We had such a great time camping. On the way home we had to make a stop in Chattanooga to "SEE ROCK CITY". Russ and I have never been there. It was really petty cool. I think we may go back around Christmas, we'll see. We came home with a "See Rock City" bird house. lol Russell had to have one. lol It is cute, I must say. We are glad to be back Home. We hope our next Vacation away from home is CHINA!!!!!! Hopefully by next summer!

Thanks for visiting!
Lisa & Russ

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Baby Shower Season!!

Well, today was a very busy baby shower day. I started off my day with a BABY BOY SHOWER for my sweet cousin Durinda, who is like a Daughter to me. We are waiting for our Little Gavin to come into the world. And what a better way to celebrate! So, here are a few photo's from Durinda's shower.....

Here is DurindaMommy & Daddy & Gavin

Durinda, Ms Burcham(Durinda's only living GrandMother) & Aunt MaryJo(MyMommy)

Jessica (Durinda's Sister) & Chass (Our Cousin)

Aunt Kat

What Now a BIG GIRL SHOWER!!!!

I left my family to get back to Athens to celebrate with friends from our FCC group. We will have 2 new girls come home with their forever families next month. And we had a Shower for one of the families...Emily Woodall and her soon to be BIG Girl Rebecca Woodall being adopted from China!! What a WONDERFUL DAY!! To be able to spend it with people you love...


Here is Emily

Anna, Emliy's niece, helps with the gifts.

Books, Toy's, Hand Bags, Hair Bows, Dresses, Cute outfits, & Jewelry.

What more can a BIG Girl want!?!

Congratulation's Woodall Family on your New journey and next chapter in your life.

All our LOVE,

Lisa & Russ