Monday, January 15, 2007


Chinese New Year Tree!!
Chinese New Year is February 18th this year. We have learned about a Chinese New Year Tree! Amy from our Athens, AL FCC group was telling us that they take down the Christmas tree and put up a Chinese New Year tree. So, guess what!?! We now have a new family tradition! I have some lanterns, lantern lights, lady bug, red balls, and a red string along with the 2 panda's I found for our girls this Christmas at CVS on the tree. Oh and I almost forgot. a little Chinese doll is the topper. I plan on putting the tree in Alison's room after Chinese New Year and keeping it there till she comes home. We are hoping for twins, so hopefully we will have Susan home too!!

New Year 2007!!
What a fun time New Year was!!
We had planned on going to some friends from Church for a nice fun filled New Year Party. Plan's changed!! Russell's older brother has a new job as a truck driver. He called and was in TN for the weekend to drop off some a load from his truck. He didn't want to spend New Years alone, so he called and Michele, their sister, went to pick him up and he got to spend New Years Eve with us!! I cooked and had snacks ready for everyone. We had fun!! We just sat around the fire place eating, talking, and catching up. Michele and I fell asleep for a few hours and was awaken about 5 min before New Year. The dogs were barking at all the fire works going off out side and we all gave each other New Years Hugs and well wishes. The next morning I got up and made breakfast for everyone. Russell got a bottle rocket for Christmas, so he and the boy's went out to play with that before we had to drive Troy back to TN. We didn't do to much, but just being with family is all we needed anyway!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Christmas 2006!
Wow where did the time go??
This holiday season went by in a blur. First it's Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Year, and now.... well it's the middle of January and I am just now blogging the holidays!!
We spent Christmas at my parents this year. We had such a great time. All the kids got what they wanted from Aunt Lisa and Uncle Russell. They were all very excited with their gifts. After we had Christmas with my family, My parents, Russ and I went to visit my Aunt Kat's family. I miss holiday's at my Aunt Kat's house. Those holidays will always be my most favorite part of my childhood. Hopefully my children will be able to experience some of those holidays at my Aunt Kat's house to as they grow up. Hopefully this was the last year to do all these things childless. We hope 2007 is going to bring us our dream...Our Little Girl (or Girl's).