Saturday, August 18, 2007

Baby Shower Season!!

Well, today was a very busy baby shower day. I started off my day with a BABY BOY SHOWER for my sweet cousin Durinda, who is like a Daughter to me. We are waiting for our Little Gavin to come into the world. And what a better way to celebrate! So, here are a few photo's from Durinda's shower.....

Here is DurindaMommy & Daddy & Gavin

Durinda, Ms Burcham(Durinda's only living GrandMother) & Aunt MaryJo(MyMommy)

Jessica (Durinda's Sister) & Chass (Our Cousin)

Aunt Kat

What Now a BIG GIRL SHOWER!!!!

I left my family to get back to Athens to celebrate with friends from our FCC group. We will have 2 new girls come home with their forever families next month. And we had a Shower for one of the families...Emily Woodall and her soon to be BIG Girl Rebecca Woodall being adopted from China!! What a WONDERFUL DAY!! To be able to spend it with people you love...


Here is Emily

Anna, Emliy's niece, helps with the gifts.

Books, Toy's, Hand Bags, Hair Bows, Dresses, Cute outfits, & Jewelry.

What more can a BIG Girl want!?!

Congratulation's Woodall Family on your New journey and next chapter in your life.

All our LOVE,

Lisa & Russ