Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 16, 2011

Tonight Russ, Ali, and I went out for my late B'day.

We went to Zaxby's for dinner. While we were there

we ran into our friend Becky Smith and

her China Sweetie Noah. They were there

having dinner with Noah's God Mother

and her daughter. Becky told Russ they were on their

way to the Kiddie Carnival, So Russ asked

if We should take Ali. I didn't know

how she would do, because she is so

skittish sometimes. But we decided to go.

It's free to get in and it's only $.50 each ride.

So, if she didn't want to ride, it wasn't gonna

hurt anything. WELL..... SHE LOVED IT!

She wasn't to sure about the carousel,

but she stayed on with Daddy.

She LOVED the cars.

She wanted BACK ON when it was over.

But we tried the other small rides.

Neither of us thought she would stay on this one.

She never tried to get out, but as you can

see her face, I don't think she was to sure

about it. She never cried and she didn't put up a
fuss to get out either!

She was having fun!

This ride!
She wanted on.
Now We knew she might not like this one!
We were right!
I think she made 2 maybe 3 rounds
and she was DONE!
They had to stop the ride so she could get off!
She cried on this one!
She wanted to ride more rides
but my back was killing me so we left.
The train broke, I think she would have liked that too.
We still have tickets, so we will take
her back again real soon.

This is on the way home.

She is such a cutie!


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